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Executive Brainstorm & Innovators Forum
June 12-13, 2012, Grange St Paul's Hotel, London
New Business Models and Growth
Opportunities in a Hyper-Connected World
4 co-located events: Telco2.0 I Digital Commerce2.0 I Cloud 2.0 I Digital Things2.0


STL Partners’ New Digital Economics EMEA Executive Brainstorm & Innovators Forum will take place from 12-13 June in London. This year’s event includes four unique events, co-locating focused one-day brainstorms on Telco 2.0, Digital Commerce 2.0, Cloud 2.0 and Digital Things 2.0.

Building on output from recent New Digital Economics Executive Brainstorms in Palo Alto, New York, Singapore, London, and new market research and analysis, it focuses on new business models and growth opportunities in a hyper-connected world.


Produced and facilitated by business innovation firm STL Partners, the event will bring together 250 specially-invited senior executives from across the communications, media and technology sectors.

Unique Interactive Format

STL’s ‘Mindshare’ interactive format, including cutting-edge new research, case studies, use cases and a showcase of innovators, structured small group discussion on round-tables, panel debates and instant voting using on-site collaborative technology.

"The thought engagement at your event is brilliant"
CEO, Technology Company

Autumn/Fall 2011 Review:

Event Focus

The Communications, Media and Technology (TMT) ecosystem is becoming more complex as the business models of different players converge and collide. New Digital Economics Executive Brainstorms are premium strategy event focused on new growth opportunities and business models for TMT.

What People Say:
"Impressive facilitation"... "Refreshingly different format"... "Incredibly useful and insightful"... "Very productive"... "The interactive tools are easy to use"... "High quality discussions"


The Executive Brainstorm comprises up to 250 specially invited senior execs from across the Communications, Media, and Technology sectors. For details of past participants click here.

Stimulus Presenters

STL's series of Brainstorms attracts the leading minds and industry figures in the TMT sector. In addition to STL analysts there will be over 60 presenters and panellists to stimulate the brainstorm.

New Digital Economics EMEA 2012 Summary 2012

Co-located Events

Shifting Profit Pools and Strategic Growth Opportunities

New Growth Opportunities - voice and messaging, telcos' unique assets and where to compete; Consumer 2.0 - consumer behaviour and adoption trends and impact of new device types; Cloud Services 2.0 - key tipping points, sources of value and new models; Customer Experience 2.0 - device management, analytics and retention and loyalty strategies

Harnessing personal data to revolutionize Advertising, Payments and Retail Experiences

Digital Money 2.0 - new payment, wallet and remittance services; Advertising & Marketing 2.0 - from push to pull, personal data and SoLoMo; Retail Experiences 2.0 - role of multi-channel (online, mobile, in-store), commercially viable enabling technologies; The Great Game: Battle of the Platforms

Transforming technology, media and telecoms

Latest strategies and innovations in Cloud and Managed Services; PaaS, SaaS, NaaS; Role of CSPs; Billing-as-a-Service; CDNs and ADNs and Federated Assets

New sources of value in M2M and the 'internet of things'

M2M Business Models - opportunities, business models and the role of telcos; Role of Cellular Networks in the 'Internet of Things' - market developments, Gateways and Hubs; The Role of Service Delivery Platforms in M2M - opportunities and barriers to entry; M2M Platforms and the Connected Business - key vertical opportunities in automotive, healthcare and smart grids; M2M Futures and Innovation Showcase

Additional Features

Event Report: all participants receive an exclusive report of up to 100 pages of analysis and feedback from the brainstorm

NDE Video coverage: Key content and feedback from the event will be recorded, edited and made available on-demand after the event

New Research: new STL Partners analysis will be released at the event

Networking: Advanced programme of social and business networking

AR Showcase: Unique evening showcase of cutting edge Mobile Augmented Reality platform and application developers

"5 out of 5. Much better than normal industry events. Focused on brainstorming, not vendors pitching us solutions."
VP IPTV, Rogers Communications

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