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New Digital EconomicsExecutive Brainstorm & Developer Forum
11-13 May 2011, Guoman Tower Hotel, London
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Showcase of cutting-edge apps and developer platforms

6pm-10pm, 12th May 2011, Guoman Tower Hotel, London

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"93% of strategy execs said that exploring new business models is as important in this current economic climate as cutting costs and retaining customers."
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AppCircus is partnering with the New Digital Economics events throughout 2011 to provide a unique evening showcase of cutting-edge apps and developer platforms. AppCircus operates in over 30 countries and has partnerships with all the major and minor developer communities around the globe.

Run in the evening after the Mobile Apps 2.0,  Digital Entertainment 2.0 and Personal Data 2.0 Executive Brainstorms, this is a FREE event, from 6pm to 10pm on 12th May for up to 300 developers and up to 200 delegates from the New Digital Economics event.

Learn about the most innovative and creative apps that are just being built now, discover first hand the apps you will be wanting soon and meet the talented developers that may change your business.

Unique Format

There are three parts to ‘AppCircus’:

1. At the event (see Agenda for more details)

  • 1st Act: platforms and other supporters present to the audience
  • 2nd Act: 10 app presentations
  • Submission and participation is free and open to any developer with an app on any platform

2. Online -

  • Developers profile and share their app(s)
  • Apps are submitted to competitions and events on
  • Weekly conversations on the app economy

3. Mobile Premier Awards 2012 & International Events

  • The AppCircus 2011 season ends with the prestigious MPAs during MWC 2012
  • AppCircus winners can present at partner international events


6.25pm: Welcome and introductions

6.40pm: First Act - Leading Platforms present

7.10pm: 2nd Act - 10 Apps present with jury feedback

8.25pm: Thanks and jury deliberation

8.30pm: Networking, Voting and Winner announcement

10.00pm: Close

Participants & Presenters

There will be 200-300 app developers at the event and up to 200 senior execs from the Communications, Media and Entertainment industries.

Presenters will include 10 leading app developers, sourced by the AppCircus team, and up to 8 tutorials and presentations from leading developer platforms.

Watch this space for more details.

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